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Where New Meets Old -Zojoji Temple-

Where New Meets Old -Zojoji  Temple-

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Zojoji is an amazing place for any event, day or evening. Recently, JATA Tabihaku, Asia’s largest travel industry expo, hosted a massive dinner party at the Temple, conveniently located in Tokyo’s Minato ward. Over 1,000 guests, including ambassadors and diplomats from over fifty countries viewed illuminations on the Temple’s Main Hall and nearby Tokyo Tower. The venue truly symbolizes today’s Japan, melding together the uber-modern capital city of Tokyo with ancient Edo culture.


Photo: Japan Tourism Agency

The Japanese Buddhist temple grounds, with origins dating back to the 1300s, features breathtaking park-like areas in the midst of one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Zojoji is one of Japan’s most historic spots, the perfect Japanese-style event location. Museums and other historical sites are now some of the most in-demand places to hold conventions, international conferences and meetings. More important, most of the usage fees collected by venues such as Zojoji go towards the upkeep and preservation of these cultural treasures.


Photo: POP Inc.

A unique complex, Zojoji is made up of the Temple (Daiden), several smaller “study” buildings (Daibonsho, or“Big Bell”), Kyozo, or “Library texts”, Koshoden or “Lecture Hall”, Ankokuden or “Shrine to Amida Buddha” and the famous Sangedatsumon (Main) Gate. Legend has it that passing through the Gate frees the person from three passions; greed, hatred and foolishness.


Zojoji is an important cultural monument, preserved as the perfect example of Japanese Buddhist temple architecture. During the Edo period, the Temple was the Tokugawa’s (a powerful clan that ruled from 1602-1867) family place of worship. With the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate, the grounds became a park. Much of the complex was damaged during World War II, but over the years Zojoji has been meticulously restored. The famous Gate, built in the 1600s, is still in original condition. Part of the Zojoji grounds are now occupied by a hotel, making it easy to house guests attending events. Since 2012, the Temple has allowed numerous on-site shoots for both Hollywood films and TV commercials.


Photo: POP Inc.

Zojoji Temple

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