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Tokyo’s Famed Robot Restaurant

Tokyo’s Famed Robot Restaurant

Photo: Robot Restaurant

When visiting Japan, why just go to a restaurant when you can experience a thrilling spectacle of sight, sound and motion at Tokyo’s famed Robot Restaurant! So easy to get to, via the Yamanote line Shinjuko station, just an hour away from Narita Airport.

Don’t try to figure out this cavernous fantasyland, affectionately called the Robot Restaurant.

The fun starts the minute you show up. Outside the restaurant, the building is covered in mirrors and neon lights. The show inside is crazy, bright, loud, filled with dancers and robots. No shortage of energy here. On the main floor, there are drums beating, robots boxing and a giant snake hovering over everyone. Everything glows. Upstairs is a bar where humans play music in robot costume. It all makes sense. Think of the Robot Restaurant as Las Vegas being out-glitzed.

The theater is jam packed with crazy, colorful performers that make you smile. The choreography of the dancers is special and the audience is immersed in the action. The show is always changing so repeat visits are always popular. Hungry? There are many breaks in the show to allow the helpful staff to serve you food and drinks.


The Robot Restaurant is incredibly entertaining for everyone. You will only find this in Japan. Kintetsu has group tours to the Robot Restaurant featuring special show discounts.


[Tour Details]   Thrilling Tokyo Robot Show!

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