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The Incredible Vending Machines of Tokyo

The Incredible Vending Machines of Tokyo

Japan has long been known for showcasing the coolest technology. From bullet trains to electronics and now, even vending machines.When visiting Tokyo, don’t overlook their amazing vending machines.

These machines are not your ordinary, limited selection, mechanical vendors of days gone by. Now, touch a huge screen and see your choice of beverage (hot or cold), or a myriad of other products, in brilliant color, ready to be dispensed. Besides drinks, these vending machines offer everything from food and toys to electronics, card games, books and umbrellas.

Walking through the city’s railway stations, expect to see the latest generation of vending technology. The drink machines are astounding. Many of them flash huge animated characters and other advertising, that is, until you walk up to the machine. Then the screen magically flashes a variety of offerings. Don’t know what you want? Some of the vending machines feature embedded cameras which calculate your age and gender, then recommends a suitable beverage. Once you choose, the machine stores your purchasing history, so the next time you walk by the display it will show drink ads tailored just for you.

Most of these machines accept electronic money as well as cash. So next time you’re thirsty, or need something fast, chances are you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for, courtesy of Tokyo’s extraordinary vending machines.


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