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The Art Of Making Sake -Sake Brewery Tours & Tastings-

The Art Of Making Sake -Sake Brewery Tours & Tastings-

Photo: JNTO

It would be impossible to discuss the culture of Japan without highlighting Sake, the famous alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. Although many Westerners refer to Sake as “rice wine”, the fermentation and processing of the beverage more closely resembles the steps to brewing a fine craft beer. Many people in the West have paired Sake with their sushi, not knowing much about the mysterious drink. In regions across Japan, breweries are giving connoisseurs their own take (exclusive styles, exclusive flavors) on the delicate, yet complex taste of the “rice wine liquor.”


Sake brewery tours are in high demand. Kintetsu offers special “Sake Journeys” once per year. On each tour, Sake experts take you through the hidden world of the drink, to see how it is made while sampling some of the best Sakes in the world. Of course, the tastings are also paired with some of the finest traditional Japanese cuisine.

Many students come to Japan to learn the craft of making Sake. But most visitors just want to enjoy this delicious beverage while learning of its rich history.

What makes for great Sake? Location, location, location. Kobe’s Nada district is Japan’s top Sake producing area. The district is close to the highest quality rice, clean water and favorable weather conditions, not to mention its proximity to the seaside adjacent cities of Kobe and Osaka.



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