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Learn The Art Of Japanese Calligraphy

Learn The Art Of Japanese Calligraphy

Photo: Udoyoshi

One of the most expressive forms of communication is the art of calligraphy.

Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese people wrote on washi, a type of paper, using a black ink soaked brush. This style of calligraphy became one of the most graceful forms of written communication the world has ever seen.

Sadly, with the invention of the fountain pen in the early 1900’s, Japanese calligraphy almost became a lost art, a skill learned, practiced and appreciated by fewer and fewer people.

We have found Udoyoshi, a school in Japan where they enjoy teaching visitors the exclusive Wayo or “modern” style of Japanese calligraphy. Udoyoshi teaches a new form of calligraphy, utilizing only the modern Japanese characters, so that the alphabet can be easily learned and read. This is especially useful for beginners, since old style calligraphy included many confusing Chinese characters that have lost their meaning over the centuries.


There are several options for the visitor looking to learn more about the art of Wayo at Udoyoshi:

  • Trial lesson of “Wayo” style calligraphy. (Reservations required/minimum of 2 persons with a maximum of 8 persons ¥ 3,500/ hour/person).
  • Carve your name on a stone with your personal seal. The session takes about 1 hour (Reservation required/minimum of 2 persons\¥5,000/hour/person)
  • Your own design (¥50,000 deposit)

Today, calligraphy is again revered as a high art form in the country. Fully 70 percent of over 10,000 works of art featured at Japan’s noteworthy art exhibition, the “Fine Arts Exhibition at Nitten” involves Japanese calligraphy.

Go ahead and reserve some time on your next Japan trip for a Wayo Calligraphy lesson.

The only limits to where your calligraphy takes you is you!

Japanese Calligraphy Udoyoshi


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