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Sake Journey 2015 Application Form

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Please make sure that all items below are filled in or checked. For non-applicable items to you, please input “N/A” or “None”. If any of these items are left blank or unchecked, you will be asked to fill out the item again in the next confirmation page. Only a completed application form can be submitted.

This form must be filled out by each individual tour participant.

Once we receive your form, a travel specialist will contact you for payment information.

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The package price of $3,280.00 per person is based on single-occupancy in single rooms.

This is a land-only package.
The tour start date is March 11th 2015. This means that your U.S. Departure Date must be no later than March 10th 2015.
The final day of tour is in the morning of March 19th 2015; therefore, your return date must be no earlier than In the
afternoon of March 19th 2015.
Please consult the flight schedule with KIE/Kintetsu International before the air arrangement is done, just in case.

If you would like KIE to send you a quote, please inform us of the following information.

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