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Kyoto Special Night Tour

Tour Schedule
Night Tour (3 hrs.)

Mar. 1 - Nov. 30
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays only

Tour Name Kyoto Special Night Tour
Other Info Includes Dinner
You may combine this with Kyoto Afternoon or Kyoto 1 Day Tour. Kyoto Hotel Okura is where you can make your connection.


TEA CEREMONY AND TEMPURA SUPPER: Enjoy a tea ceremony and a delicious and nutritious Zen-style tempura (fried vegetables) supper at Gion Yoshiima.
GION: Stroll through the old streets of Gion.
GION CORNER: Enjoy a delightful pageant of seven Japanese traditional arts: koto music, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Gagaku (ancient court music and dance), kyogen (classical comic theater), kyomai (Kyoto-style Japanese dance), and Bunraku (puppet drama).


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