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Tour Schedule
1 Day Jan. 5 ~ Feb. 28
(Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

Daily: Mar. 1 ~ Dec. 29
Tour Name KYOTO & Nara TOUR


NIJO CASTLE: Once a residence of the Tokugawa Shogun, the castle is famous for its architectural beauty and interior decoration. Tiptoe along the mysterious “Nightingale Floor”
*On Tuesdays in Jan., Jul., Aug. and Dec. when Nijo castle is closed, the tour will visit Ryoanji Temple instead.
GOLDEN PAVILION: Serenity surrounds the gold-leaf covered pavilion designed by a feudal lord as his personal retreat. Walk through its picturesquely laid out garden and set aside the tensions of modern life.
KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE: Visit the former residence of the Imperial Family, the heart of the ancient capital of Kyoto.
*On Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and certain restricted days, visit Kitano Tenmangu instead. Tours visit Ryoanji Temple or Daitokuji Temple on Feb. 25, Mar. 25, Aug. 25 & Nov. 25.
KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER: Observe demonstration of traditional handicraft arts and shopping. Buffet Lunch at Kyoto Handicraft Center.
TODAIJI TEMPLE: Visit Japan's largest bronze image of Buddha housed in the world's largest wooden structure and appreciate the influence of Buddhism on modern culture.
DEER PARK: Walk among over 1,000 tame deer roaming in a park setting. They are regarded as divine messengers.
KASUGA GRAND SHRINE: Some 2,000 stone lanterns and 1,000 bronze lanterns donated by worshippers light your path into a centuries-old vermilion lacquered shrine.


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