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When seeking accommodations in Japan, you can choose from Western style hotels and business hotels, or opt for uniquely Japanese accommodation, such as ryokan (Japanese style inns) or the oddly unique capsule hotels found in Tokyo and other Japan cities.

Regardless of the type of accommodation chosen there is sure to be a lodging to suit any travelers’’ needs or budget. Hotels in Japan range from 5 star luxury to the simple and clean business hotels often found near train stations. Ryokan too range from the high priced luxury establishments to the affordable family run ryokan or b&bs known as minshuku.

For a real economic choice or just the experience, there are capsule hotels and hostels available throughout Japan.

Whether looking to discover the traditions and architecture of an ancient culture or wander the streets of a modern city, marveling at the latest fashions and technology on display, Japan offers the opportunity to do either or both. This same diversity can also been found in the types of accommodation that are available in Japan.

Discover the great range of accommodations Kintetsu has to offer. With over 400,000 rooms to choose from, you can choose the price range and style to fit your travel budget. We are expertly qualified to help you navigate the myriad of lodging choices to this fascinating county. Our experience and knowledgeable Japan experts will guide you towards finding the right accommodation at the right price.

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