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Yokaido Tour

About the Yokai-do Tour Travel Program

Yokai-Do Tour is a travel program planned in association with “Fifty-Three Stations of the Yokaido Road - A Haunted Journey Down, a classic Ukiyo-e, featuring GeGeGe no Kitaro”. The program includes visit to Sakai Minato City, Tottori, and the birthplace of “Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro”, mysterious Izumo region for Japanese mythology, Matsue, where Mr. Lafcadio Hearn wrote old Yokai tales and official visit to the legendary “Mizuki Production”. This program is supported by Mizuki Production, Yanoman Corporation, MIE Inc and only available through KIE - Kintetsu International.


About Mr. Shigeru Mizuki

Message from Mr. Mizuki: I am welcoming your visit to my production studio and Japan, Kingdom of Yokai.Japanese Manga has been gaining popularity around the world, and Mizuki is considered the grandfather of the genre. Most of his work is based on Yokai. In Japanese folklore, Yokai are ancient ubiquitous spirits that co-inhabit the human world. Each Yokai represents a trait of the human character and are used for moral tales. Mizuki uses these Yokai in his manga works, the most famous of which is GeGeGe no Kitaro. Kitaro is the main character in the story and as a Yokai goblin, maintains the harmony between the Yokai and human worlds. Postwar generations can recognize his work, GeGeGe no Kitaro because this series has run for almost half a century, first in comic books and later in television programs, video games, animation movies, and a live action, feature-length movie.

Message from Mr. Mizuki: I am welcoming your visit to my production studio and Japan, Kingdom of Yokai.


The Fifty-Three Stations of Yokai-do Road

A Haunted Journey Down a classic Ukiyo-e, featuring GeGeGe no Kitaro, is artwork which features a combination of work from Manga expert Mr. Shigeru Mizuki and famous Ukiyo-e creator, Hiroshige Utagawa. The result is a fusion of classical Ukiyo-e and Japanese folklore, as represented by Mizuki’s Yokai characters. The concept of these works is “Yokai on a journey down the Tokaido Road". The total art series is fifty-five pieces including the departure station, Tokyo and arrival, Kyoto, only of which eight stations were printed as woodcuts using the skills of master craftsmen passed down through the centuries.




YOKAI-DO Tour – Schedule and Conditions


Day Date Places to Visit Attractions
6/23 US Departure
6/24 Arrive Tokyo
6/25 Tokyo City Tour with Mysterious places in the city An Inari Shrine, Edo-Tokyo Museum
6/26 Leave Tokyo for Yonago Then visit to Sakai Minato City Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro Museum
Kitaro Road
6/27 Sightseeing Tour of Matsue, Yasugi & Izumo Lafcadio Hearn
6/28 Return to Tokyo Rest Free
Official visit to Mizuki Production Meet and talk to people of production
6/30 Leave for US


Basic Travel Program
Date: Summer 2009 - 6 Nights 8 Days
Departure: US Major Cities
Price: $3,000 per person

* subject to confirmation (see below)
Airlines: AA, NW, CO and JL
Hotels: First Class
Tokyo Shinagawa Prince or similar
Sakai Minato
Matsue Tokyu Inn or similar
Meals: Daily breakfasts
Lunches during tours
and 2 dinners
Transportation: Airport Limousine bus
Tokyo City Tour
Visit to the production
Group activity with a guide

* The above prices should be used only as a guide. Prices vary depending on many factors such as foreign each rate, fuel surcharge, the number of participants and so on. Please contact us if you are interested in this program. We will let you know the price according to your schedule.


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