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Kyushu Tour

Kumamoto VIP Group Tour

Kumamoto VIP Group Tour


Exclusive Tour to Kyoto and Kyushu

10 Day Package

Group A: March 29 - April 7 2012
Group B: April 5 - April 14 2012


Based on double occupancy. Rate is per person

A) Whole package includes CI airline ticket ;     $4,360.00

B) Land package excludes CI airline ticket ;       $3,490.00

C) Single occupancy surcharge for 8 nights ;     $600.00

D) Tokyo option per person, double occupancy ; $1,420.00

E) Vietnam option per person, double occupancy, 7 nights 8 days ; $2,780.00


* Tour price includes service charge and applicable taxes.

** This tour requires minimum of 20 participants.




1.            Accommodations

As shown in itinerary

2.            Meals

As shown in itinerary

Breakfast (B);  8 times                    Lunch (L); 6 times             Dinner (D) ; 4 times

3.            Transfers

As shown in itinerary. The group will basically use chartered bus throughout the tour.

4.            Guide/Tour escort Services

English speaking guide; Day3 (all day),  Day4 afternoon – Day 8 afternoon.

Tour escort;  Day 2 – Day 10

5.            Insurance

We highly recommend everyone to purchase travel insurance before joining the tour.

6.            Others

Optional tour to Vietnam, Taiwan or Tokyo will be provided upon request.





10% Initial payment required.

The rest of tour fee is due by 30 days prior to departure date.



No penalty if cancelled 45 days prior to departure date.

10% penalty if cancelled between 44 days and 31 days prior to departure date.

30% penalty if cancelled between 30days and 15days prior to departure date.

50% penalty if cancelled between 14days and 4day prior to departure date

100% penalty if cancelled within 3days of departure date.

Please click here to submit an inquiry form.


Basic Itinerary
Date Departure / Arrival Local Time Transportation Schedule Meal Hotel
1 NYC (JFK) 2:30 PM CI-019 Fly from JFK to Kansai
In Flight
2 Kansai (KIX)
6:10 PM
JR Haruka Exp
The group will take JR Haruka express train to Kyoto.  Baggage are transferred to your hotel by a chartered truck.  Dinner on your own.
In Flight 
Rihga Royal Hotel
Kansai (JR)
7:46 PM
Kyoto Station
9:02 PM
Kyoto Full Day
Chartered Bus
Kyoto city sightseeing. Nijo Castle, Golden Pavilion, Art craft center, with an English speaking guide.
B,L Rihga Royal Hotel
4 Kyoto Morning JR Train
The group will take Nozomi to Hakata, change trains(Sakura) and arrrive at Kumamoto around lunch time. Train ride will take about 3 hours. Chartered bus will take the group to a local restaurant. Visit Kumamoto castle, Josaien, Gyobutei by walking with English speaking guide. Dinner on your own.

B,L Kumamoto Castle Hotel
Kumamoto Afternoon Chartered Bus
5 Kumamoto Full Day
Chartered Bus
Visit Suizenji park and Mt. Aso with English speaking guide. Lunch at Kusasenri area. Stop by Daikanbo.  Dinner at this hotel. 

Aso Resort

Granvrio Hotel

Aso Area
6 Aso Area
Full Day
Chartered Bus
Chartered bus to Amakusa with English speaking guide, 3 hour tip. Lunch at Misakitei Hotel. The group will enjoy Dolphin watching on a boat. Dinner at this hotel. Haiya Odori', local dance show will be offered by this hotel owner. 
B,L,D Amakusa Prince Hotel 
Amakusa Islands
Amakusa Islands
Full Day
Chartered Bus
Visit Amakusa west coast on a chartered bus. Lunch at a local restaurant. Dinner at this hotel. B,L,D

Amakusa Islands
Full Day
Chartered Bus
Charted bus to Oniike port to take ferry boat to Kuchinotsu enjoying calm inland sea.  Lunch at a Michinoeki Shimabara. Visit Fugendake volcanic museum. Take high speed ferry boat to Kumamoto port and go to Hakata. Dinner on your own. B,L Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
Fukuoka (Hakata)
9 Fukuoka (Hakata)
Full Day
Free at leisure in Hakata. Dinner on your own.
B Hotel Nikko Fukuoka




7:10 AM
8:10 AM
12:50 PM
1:00 PM

Chartered Bus



Transfer to Fukuoka airport by a chartered bus and fly to Kansai airport.
4h40m layover at Kansai airport and fly to JFK.
Arrival at JFK on the same day.


In Flight

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