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Discover Kyoto and more

Discover Kyoto and more

Discover Kyoto and more

About Kyoto

As a travel destination, Kyoto is a popular choice as it combines the serenity of the Japanese lifestyle and the magical flavor of a tradition, most Westerners are fascinated with the tradition of Geisha.

The Gion district is the most famous of the five Hanamachi (areas where local Geisha live & work) in Kyoto. In these five Hanamachi, it is said that there are a couple hundred Geisha and most entertain in the many O-chaya (tea houses) which line the narrow streets in the Gion district. O-chayas are not regular tea houses, but rather they are old Japanese style buildings with wooden doors and tatami mats. Some even have traditional Japanese gardens. Most O-chayas are located along Hanamikoji Street and some, even though small, do actually house Maiko (Geisha in training), where the Maiko can live and work. The banquet type tatami clad rooms are used to entertain guests as well as to serve meals.

Many of the O-chaya are located near local shrines and temples making a stroll in the Gion district a wonderful opportunity to step back in time! If you visit the Gion District in the early evening hours, it is not unusual to see Geisha and Maiko making their way along the maze of alleyways and streets, toward their appointments in one of the many O-chaya or restaurants in the area.

We hope you will enjoy your tour in Kyoto, where the traditional houses & artistic shops still exist.

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Travel Program Details
Basic Travel Program
Date: January - December 2010
2 nights 4 days
Departure: Major US Cities
Price: From $798* + tax
including roundtrip airfare, fuel surcharge (USD138), airport transfers and hotel.
Airline: KE - Korean Airline via Incheon Airport
Hotel: 2 nights 3 days
Meals: Not included
Airport Transfer: From Kansai Int'l Airport to
City Sigthseeing: Optional
Optional Travel Program
Date: August 30 - September 2, 2010
Departure: Major US Cities
Departure: From Kyoto
Price: Kyoto Tower Hotel or similar
Meals: Not included
*1) The above prices are subject to confirmation. Prices vary depending on various factors such as foreign exchange rate, and so on. Please contact us if you are interested in this program. We will let you know the price according to your schedule
*2) Minimum number participants is 2 persons.
Basic Travel Program Itinerary
Arrive at Incheon and then take a flight to Kansai Int'l Airport. Airport shuttle bus from the airport to the center of Kyoto Station area.
Enjoy Kyoto, former Japan's capital with 1,600 Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrines. Some are designated as the World Heritages Optional: Kyoto Sightseeing Tour Suggested walking tour programs are available with detail explanation of places of interest.
Transfer to Kanazawa via Japan Rail Pass
Explore the city of Kanazawa

If you want to extend their trip to other cities like Tokyo, we will cusomtize the trip according to your program.

Optional Travel Program Itinerary

Half Day Kyoto
  1. Golden Pavilion
  2. Heian Shrine
  3. Kiyomizu Temple
Full Day Kyoto
  1. Nijo Castle
  2. Kinkakuji Temple
  3. Kyoto Imperial Palace
  4. Kyoto Handicraft Center
  5. Heian Shrine
  6. Sanjusangendo Hall
  7. Kiyomizu Temple
Half day Nara
  1. Nara Park (Deer Park)
  2. Todaiji Temple
  3. Kasuga Shrine




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